That's a wrap for INCEPTION, and now we're looking towards March 2018!

The INCEPTION Training Event was an overwhelming success! We had attendees from all over the world - South Africa, Pakistan, Mexico, Canada, New Zealand, and of course the United States. It was truly a pleasure having this diverse, talented, and enthusiastic group in our studio for a week. 

Now that INCEPTION has passed we have been receiving emails asking when our next workshops will be HELD. We have scheduled the following two classes at our Eureka Springs, AR headquarters:

2.5 Day Fabric-Forming Concrete Sink + GFRC Workshop, March 12-14, 2018, Eureka Springs, AR
from 1,500.00
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1.5 Day Post-Tensioned Concrete + Current Techniques Workshop, March 15-16, 2018, Eureka Springs, AR
from 975.00
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We will be scheduling a Dusty-Crete Workshop in Burns, TN and a workshop with Jon Schuler in Angels Camp, CA for the first quarter of 2018. Keep an eye on the website for the announcement of the dates. 

T-Minus 5 Weeks Until the Concrete Workshops!

I was a part of the class [that made the concrete bench in the photo above]. Learnt so much. If you are new to GFRC don’t buy anything till after your [CDS] workshop. You get a glimpse into a well run business. Looking forward to learning more.
— Steve Sousa (@stevesousa) via Instagram

We are 5 weeks out from the last three concrete workshops we will offer in 2017! This is the perfect time to register and book your travel accommodations to receive the best rates. Our November workshops have historically sold-out over the last decade, so if you're interested in attending one, two, or all three classes NOW is the time to enroll! Learn more and sign-up via the following links:

Or attend all three to receive special discounted pricing:

Concrete Is Hard / A Fundraiser for Dusty Baker


Dusty Baker is a great man. I've known Dusty for well over a decade and over that time he has not only become a trainer for Concrete Design School but a friend as well. Dusty was working on setting up his new shop when he slipped off of a 16' ladder and broke both of his heels. This is one of the worst injuries you can sustain, it happened to my father and it is a long road to recovery. Dusty is a salt-of-the-earth kind of guy; he's a loving husband, a doting father, and a proud veteran. He'd never ask for any help which is precisely why he deserves it more than most. CDS is sponsoring a GoFundMe Fundraiser for Dusty with a reward for donations of $100 or more, a Special Edition 'Concrete Is Hard' Dusty Baker Fundraiser T-Shirt. Please help however you can, no donation is too small, and please share, thank you!

The November Concrete Workshops are HALFWAY FILLED!

Opportunities are like sunrises. If you wait too long, you miss them.
— William Arthur Ward

Perhaps you've been waiting for the perfect moment to come along to attend a Concrete Design School hands-on workshop? There are no perfect moments, the only moment is now, the best opportunity is the one at hand. The good news is we are holding 3 amazing concrete workshops in November (aka "The Inception Training Event"). The bad news is they are already halfway filled! Don't let the sun set on your dreams of getting into the high-end decorative concrete trade, or expanding your current business, there is still time! 

Follow the links below to learn more and to register for your perfect workshop(s):

2.5 Day Fabric-Forming + GFRC Concrete Sink Workshop, November 5-7

2.5 Day Upright Casting Technique (UCT) Workshop for Sink with Jon Schuler, November 7-9

1.5 Day Furniture Design Workshop, November 10-11

or attend ALL THREE:

6.5 Day Inception Training Event, November 5-11

A Recap of Two Awesome Classes and Looking Forward to INCEPTION

Today was the final day of the Dusty-Crete Workshop, and the Fabric-Forming Concrete Sink + GFRC Workshop wrapped on Wednesday. Every class is great, and this one was no different - we had an amazing time getting to know the talented guys and gals that are the future of this industry. The solar eclipse path of totality passed over Nashville, and we missed 100% coverage by a few miles, but we took a break from training to enjoy the 99.7% coverage. 

If you would like to start a business in the decorative concrete industry or take your current concrete business to the next level, I would highly encourage you to attend the Inception Training Event being held November 5-11 in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. This special week of training features the following three back-to-back workshops:

Training opportunities like this don't come along every day, or every year for that matter, it's been a year since the last time we offered the Furniture Design Workshop. This is a rare chance to attend three in-depth and profound hands-on concrete workshops in a single week that could literally change your life for the better. If you are an entrepreneur that wants to be the best in your market, this is the training event you've been waiting for! 

INCEPTION, the Training Event of 2017 you don't want to miss!

The Inception Training Event, what is it?

It is the first series of workshops to be held at the new Concrete Design School headquarters located in Eureka Springs, Arkansas

When is it?

We are holding 3 classes back-to-back November 5-11, 2017.

What classes are going to be available?

I’m glad you asked! We are holding our gold standard 2.5 Day Fabric-Forming Concrete Sink + GFRC Workshop, followed by the NEW! 2.5 Day Upright Casting Technique (UCT) Workshop for Sinks by Jon Schuler, and wrapping with the much anticipated 1.5 Day Furniture Design Workshop.

Why are the classes scheduled for November 5-11, 2017?

These workshops are scheduled as they are to make it as easy for you to travel and take time off. Veterans Day is Saturday, November 11th, which means there is a good chance you will already have Friday the 10th off. This only requires four days of vacation time for 7 days of training, with travel on the weekends. Efficiency at its finest. 

How can I get in on this before it’s too late?

CLICK HERE to go to the Inception Training Event page where you can purchase tickets.

New Workshops Scheduled for August 2017!

The Dynamic Training Duo that is Brandon Gore and Dusty Baker have teamed up again to teach their respective industry leading workshops back-to-back! 

Brandon Gore will be conducting the premiere GFRC and Fabric-Forming Concrete Workshop August 21-23, 2017 at Dusty Baker's studio in Burns, TN. If you are new to concrete or are a seasoned veteran looking to expand your offerings, this is the class for you. Concrete sinks are evermore on-trend, and obtaining the skill-set to craft them at a master level is imperative to nurture this part of your business. Nearly every one of these workshops has sold-out over the last several years, so if you are wanting to get into concrete or refine your abilities, as they say - don't delay, sign-up today!

Dusty Baker is teaching his workshop on how to create his world class finish 'DustyCrete', August 24-26, 2017 in Burns, TN. Dusty is the preeminent expert on the art of pre-casting concrete to have a natural stone-like aesthetic that is at home in rustic decors as well as contemporary. The look he has developed is one of the most sellable (and profitable) finishes you can offer your customers. If you operate a concrete business anywhere on Earth, then you need to purchase tickets for this class NOW, like right now. 

And as always when we teach our two workshops in succession, we offer special reduced pricing for folks wanting to attend both classes, click here to learn more about the 'All-In Workshop Package.'

June 2017 just got hotter! Dusty-Crete & Fabric-Forming Concrete Sinks + GFRC Workshops are now scheduled!

Is it hot in here or is it the Dusty-Crete pieces coming out of the shops of previous attendees of the World Famous Dusty-Crete Workshops? It's only going to get hotter now that the next Dusty-Crete Workshop taught by Dusty Baker has been scheduled for June 8-10, 2017. Brandon Gore will be teaching the industry-leading 2.5 Day Fabric-Forming Sink + GFRC Workshop, June 5-7, 2017. For those industrious creative souls that wish to attend both, we're offering a special reduced rate! Join us in Burns, TN - bring your shades, sunscreen, and clothes you don't mind getting dirty! 

'CONCRETE IS HARD' T-Shirt - There is only one way to get one!

Concrete Design School Class T-Shirt for Angels Camp, CA May 2017 Workshop

Concrete is hard in the literal sense; there's a reason they don't make mattresses from it. Concrete is hard in the sense that to do it well takes a lot of skill, practice, patience, and a dash of luck. I have been wanting to put this phrase on a t-shirt for many years, and it is finally happening. The only way to procure one of these beauties is to attend the May 2017 Workshops being held in Angels Camp, CA! We hope to see you there!

Post-Tensioned Concrete, Current Techniques, Old World Methods, Modern Mix Designs, and Jon Schuler! We must be California dreaming!

The stars have aligned and we just scheduled two brand new workshops to be held at Creative Crete in Angels Camp, CA, May 1-6, 2017! Brandon Gore will be teaching a class that goes in-depth on his most current techniques, including post-tensioning concrete, while Jon Schuler will be conducting a workshop on creating a multitude of finishes with the most basic of tools and techniques. Two things are guaranteed; 1. These classes are going to be a ton of fun, and 2. They are going to fill up fast! If you want to attend both workshops at a special reduced rate, check out the All-In Workshop Package. See you in California! 

The Spring 2017 Workshop Dates Have Been Set!

We have received many emails over the last few weeks asking when the next workshops will be held. This news is hot off the presses - we're holding two workshops this February in Burns, Tennessee! Our gold-standard 2.5 Day Fabric-Forming Sink + GRC Workshop is slated for February 20-22, 2017, followed up by the world famous Dusty-Crete Workshop on February 23-25, 2017. We anticipate most participants will want to attend both workshops, so we have set aside a select number of tickets at a reduced price. If you have been dreaming about concrete, or admiring dreamy concrete, seize the moment and secure your ticket before they are gone! See you in Tennessee! 

A lost treasure trove of historic concrete education has been discovered, and can be yours for the LOW, LOW price of just $25!

In preparation for the move to Arkansas I have begun emptying out cabinets. In the back of a cabinet I found a treasure trove of our training DVD's that we filmed and released nearly a decade ago. I stopped selling them many years back as our processes had evolved, but there is still a lot of good information and tips & tricks contained on them. Originally sold for $80-$150 each, I am wholesaling these out for just $25 each until they are gone! Speaking of gone, the GFRC DVD is SOLD OUT, so don't wait too long on securing your copy of the Fabric-Forming Sink Mould DVD and the Advanced Sink Design using Stock Sink Moulds DVD!

Baby, it's cold outside, come to Arizona for a Concrete Workshop!

As of the writing of this blog post it isn't cold outside quite yet, but the leaves are starting to change and Fall is cresting the horizon. It will be cold and rainy soon, but you can beat the dreary days of winter by taking a jet plane over to sunny Arizona for some inspiring workshops in the desert! The dates have been set:

2.5 Day Fabric-Forming + GFRC Workshop / November 2nd, 2016 - November 4th, 2016

1.5 Day Furniture Design Workshop / November 5th, 2016 - November 6th, 2015

The All-In Workshop Package / November 2nd, 2016 - November 6th, 2016

Dusty Baker will be holding the Dusty-Crete Workshop at his studio in Burns, Tennessee. Several parties have expressed interest in attending a Tennessee workshop, so expect this training event to fill-up quickly! The dates for his class are:

2.5 Day Dusty-Crete Workshop / November 10th, 2016 - November 12th, 2016


We are a week and a half out from the Furniture Design Workshop, which is plenty of time to book your travel accommodations (click here for travel info). The Furniture Design Workshop, to be held July 30th and 31st, is a crash course on design considerations when developing a piece of furniture. Great design is everything! Original design is everything! Book your flight and spend a day and a half exploring and experimenting with new techniques and a fresh approach to design. 

The July Workshops are 53% Full!

We announced the July workshops exactly a week ago today, and in that short amount of time they are already more than half filled - 53% to be exact! In more than a decade of teaching sold-out workshops we've never had classes fill up this quickly, it is unprecedented! 

If you are interested in learning the following:

  • Concrete Sinks
  • Concrete Countertops
  • Concrete Tile
  • Concrete Furniture
  • Rustic Concrete Finishes
  • GFRC
  • Furniture Design

Then don't wait, enroll in your workshop(s) today! This will be the last training event that we conduct in Phoenix, we hope to see you there! 

The January 2016 Concrete Sink, Countertop and Fabric-Forming Workshops are Filling-Up FAST!


I have been hand-crafting high-end concrete sinks, countertops and furniture for over a decade, and still to this day every morning when I de-mold a piece it is like Christmas morning. It doesn't matter if it is a project where I am making 1 of something or 50, the excitement is the same. That's a great feeling that all humans should experience, and our training can give you the skills and confidence required to tackle projects for your home or business. We have classes that teach:

  • Concrete Countertops

  • Concrete Sinks

  • Concrete Furniture

  • Furniture Design

  • Fabric-Forming

This Christmas give yourself or your significant other the gift of knowledge. CLICK HERE to learn more about our "All-In Workshop Package." We hope to see you in a January Class!