APEX Workshop Course Outline


I’ve received several emails inquiring about the specifics of what we’re going to cover in this class. I put together the following course outline detailing the topics:

Course Outline:

Day 1 A.M.:

  • Introduction to post-tensioning principles, and when to utilize the method

  • Creating the mold for the post-tensioned piece

  • How to properly place and orient the post-tensioning steel

  • GFRC Mix Design

  • Mix and cast the post-tensioned piece

Day 1 P.M.:

  • Introduction to rubber mold-making and types of rubber

  • Each participant will construct their own mold, the afternoon will be spent doing this

Day 2 A.M.:

  • Post-tensioned piece mold removal

  • Concrete processing

  • Business Discussion

Day 2 P.M.:

  • Rubber mold construction continues

Day 3 A.M.:

  • Concrete Sealers, what works in the real world and what doesn’t

  • How to properly seal concrete

  • Business Discussion

Day 3 P.M.:

  • Rubber mold reveal

  • Presentation of behind-the-scenes photos of complex forms

  • How to approach different pieces, from simple to complex

  • Final question and answer

  • Hugs and kisses goodbye