The Pinnacle Concrete Camps, the ONLY TWO Training Events CDS will conduct in 2020!

We’ve taught a lot of workshops and artisans at Concrete Design School over the last 16 years. We’ve averaged 4-5 classes a year, but as our businesses have grown the client work demand has increased as well. This had made coordinating trainers schedules very difficult. We have decided that in 2020 we will only hold two training events, which we are calling the Pinnacle Concrete Camps! These 6-day workshops will feature our premiere topics from trainers Brandon Gore, Dusty Baker, and Jon Schuler, but we will also place an emphasis on camaraderie with our concrete compeers. Time will be set aside for socializing around fire pits in the evening, as the lifelong friendships formed in our classes are as valuable as the training itself. The two Pinnacle Concrete Camps are scheduled for Spring and Fall:

Additionally, we have increased the training discount for Alumni to 50% OFF! We value our past attendees and love seeing them again, so this is our way of saying ‘thank you’ and offering increased value to the CDS family.

Over the 6 days workshop topics will include:

  • GFRC

  • ECC

  • UHPC

  • Post-Tensioned Concrete

  • Rubber Mold-Making

  • Best Business Practices for a High-End Concrete Business

  • Dusty-Crete

  • Advanced Finishes and Upright Casting

  • How to Properly Seal Concrete

  • How to Transport and Ship Concrete

  • How to Stain and Color Concrete

  • Concrete Mix Design

  • How to Properly Mix Concrete

  • How to Cure Concrete