Looking back at the May 2018 Workshops, and looking FORWARD to the September 2018 Workshops!

The May 2018 concrete training classes wrapped up a few weeks ago, and WOW, what an amazing group of talented folks! We had a great time getting to know everyone and the pieces they made in the workshops were top notch. Now that the May classes are in the books we are getting emails asking about the next class dates. Unfortunately we have a lot of projects in the queue at the GDCo./Hard Goods Studio, so the soonest dates we could lock in are:

September 17-18 / 2-Day Dusty-Crete Workshop

September 19 / 1-Day Post-Tensioned Concrete Workshop

September 20-21 / 2-Day Fabric-Forming + GFRC Sink Workshop

or, take ALL THREE in ONE WEEK:

September 17-21 / All-In Workshop

All three of these classes are extremely popular, and based on the number of emails we've received the training events will fill-up quickly. If you want to get in you need to register TODAY, not tomorrow!