Concrete is Hard - It's Harder if You're Stupid

Be a Concrete John Wayne, attend training at Concrete Design School.

Be a Concrete John Wayne, attend training at Concrete Design School.

I grew up watching John Wayne westerns with my grandfather. The characters he portrayed always resonated with me - they never minced words, and the one-liners were epic. A quote often attributed to John Wayne is, “life is hard - it’s harder if you’re stupid.” The same could be said of concrete. Concrete is hard, literally and figuratively, and it is most certainly harder if you’re stupid.

What do we mean by 'stupid.' For us, this refers to ignoring best practices; not precisely measuring ingredients, failing to cure properly, mishandling concrete during transport or install, using sealers destined to fail, not properly applying first-rate sealers, underbidding projects, over-promising expectations, and so on. We were probably the most stupid concrete company in our first years of business. We ignored what little we knew and went our own way, which only led to misery.

Luckily we learned from our mistakes, and so can you. It is our past pain that led to our successes because through suffering came understanding. Our training is derived from the lessons learned from doing things incorrectly and working through the issues until they were resolved. It is obtained through real-world experience. History does not have to repeat itself, you can shorten your learning curve, frustration, expense and heartache by attending a class at Concrete Design School.

Tomorrow hopes we have learned something from yesterday.
— John Wayne