2 Day Advanced Finishes + Upright Casting Workshop, Spring 2019, Eureka Springs, AR


2 Day Advanced Finishes + Upright Casting Workshop, Spring 2019, Eureka Springs, AR

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In today’s modern age of casting most concrete artisans have forgotten, or worse yet, never learned the fundamentals of manipulating concrete using simple hand tools to control the very nature of the material, hereinafter referred to as 'Upright Casting'. Upright Casting plainly explained is the process of crafting and processing concrete goods right-side-up, in it's final state, instead of upside-down against a form. This difference allows an infinite variety of creative options not available with common casting methods. These techniques date back more than 2,000 years and were utilized by the Romans in the creation of their masterpieces. Modern technologies have blinded the current craftsman to the inherent beauty that makes concrete "concrete", the 'soul of the substance' if you will. A simple and subtle shift in finishing techniques can yield drastically different aesthetics ranging from modern to rustic. 

In this workshop Jon Schuler will teach you how to produce multiple finishes, embodying each piece with the mark of it's maker, in the truest sense. You will learn how every aspect of the mix, from design, to casting and curing, impress a signature on the final surface. We will meld ancient tooling and casting techniques with the worlds most technically advanced concrete mix designs. Upright Casting, using the most rudimentary of tools, offers your customers a myriad of finishes that will not only increase the demand for your products, but the value as well. We will demystify the process, simplify the complexities, and teach you how to take command of your medium. 

Workshop Topics will include:

  • Form building from an Upright Casting point of view

  • How to craft a handmade sink using Upright Casting techniques

  • ICT Reactive Sealer application

  • Acid washing concrete

  • Use of orbital sanding techniques to achieve and finesse final finishes

  • Proper methods of grinding and sanding utilizing dry diamonds

Attendees of this class will craft a minimum of 3 distinctive finishes. The workshop format is exploratory, allowing each individual to find their own design voice - aesthetics that resonate with them and their demographic. The simple hand tools employed include floats, trowels, and even your own hands! The sequence and manipulation of these tools and techniques are the secret sauce needed to boost your confidence, advance your offerings, and expand your earnings. Join us for knowledge, inspiration, and the most fun you can have while mastering a lost art!


  • 2 full days of training in the Concrete Design School Headquarters located in Eureka Springs, Arkansas

  • These sessions are limited to 15 participants to ensure hands-on learning and class participation


  • May 2, 2019 - May 3, 2019


  • First-time Students: $1975

  • Alumni: $1600

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