In 2004 I launched my business in Tempe, Arizona. I met with a commercial real estate agent and I leased the very first location he showed me. It was a 1,150 sqf space at the end of a non-descript tilt-up industrial building constructed in the 1980's. For the first decade everything was copacetic, but it wasn't meant to last. 


~ A story about a studio build ~


It all started when…

The market crashed. The demand for processed foods went through the roof, and as it turned out the milk factory next to my Arizona studio produced evaporated milk, a mainstay in most food stuffs that come in a box. They started running 24 hours a day and the rancid smell that emanated from within was unbearable. Add to that the influx of trucking companies that moved into my building that loved to power-wash their dirty trucks directly behind my roll-up door, and well, I knew I had to move. Erin, my wife, and I made a trip out to the Ozark Mountains of NW Arkansas and found the perfect piece of land which we bought. I spent the next two years building my studio from rammed earth, concrete, steel, and wood. Below are photos of the trials and tribulations of the process. No one said it would be easy...


The first build, the Garage


The studio build


The studio now